Welcome! As an artist I am interested in expressing the connection people instinctively feel between place and time. I invite the viewer to move through my work much the same as following a path; providing a sense of motion through the use of line, color and shape. Although not expected to relate these works to a particular location, often viewers have an emotional response suggesting a relationship to past experiences.  My growing interest in abstract expressionism is clear in my recent works and speaks of my love of a good adventure.

I have seen interesting places and learned of many fascinating people who were inspired by their surroundings. Personally, I am drawn to beautiful landscapes and unique color schemes which are enhanced by ever changing light in the atmosphere. Moreover, I tend to wander about while looking for appealing textures and lines so often found only in nature. Well known to strike up conversations with complete strangers, I benefit from their unique view of the area, coloring my response to the surroundings. As such, I combine my emotional connection to my visual observations and begin the process of choosing creating the design for the next work of art.

Since my work leans toward the narrative with an appreciation for heritage and the flow of time, I build content by adding layer upon layer of color letting them flow into one another building an illusion of three dimensional space. I also have a preference for geometric forms in organic settings that depicts the connection humans have with to nature.

The completion of my Master of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmith and Jewelry at the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design has allowed me to follow my life-long dream as a Fine Arts Professor.

In my own observations of nature, I often prefer to take stock of my impressions and utilize my senses in order to internalize the essence of a place.  In effect, I seek out local culture in order to learn from its people on multiple levels.  I also often observe nature, museums, and great architecture in order to further historicize and contextualize the writings or the experiences of literary greats. I rely on the words of poet laureates, art critics, and travel essayists to translate my chaotic thoughts into words; allowing me to create my work. I therefore strive to transmute my experiences into objects that have broader meaning, be it those that are extremely complex and layered, or those that express experiences in abstracted form. Every piece has a story and I will gladly tell the origin, the relationship, and the meaning of each one. 

Lastly, variety in my work seeks to satisfy an array of clientele; this includes art jewelry for those interested in something unique, or functional objects artistically designed to serve a specific purpose while being aesthetically pleasing.  Further, sculpture is meant as a story starter or the embodiment of a beloved memory. My background in interior design has developed the need for every work of art to find its unique place within its environment. I believe art should enhance a person or place, rather than detract. Most importantly, it should have its own moment to shine, be understood, and simply enjoyed. 

rv 2017